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UV epoxy Resin 20g/50g/100g/250g/1000g

UV epoxy Resin 20g/50g/100g/250g/1000g

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 Material: Silicone

Item Type: Jewelry Findings

Product name: quick-drying UV resin adhesive

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

Curing method: UV curing

Application range: manual DIY

Capacity: 20g/50g/100g/250g/1000g

Specification: bottle length cm bottle length * cm diameter bottle cap length cm

Bottle body data are measured manually, which may cause errors. Please understand


Note: UV adhesive needs ultraviolet radiation to cure. It is recommended to use special "LED ultraviolet lamp" with ultraviolet lamp, and the 36W ultraviolet lamp can cure for 2-3 minutes.


LED night light purple flashlight

Material: aluminum 6063-T6

Surface treatment: ordinary oxidation

Overall dimensions: pipe length 91mm, head diameter 21mm, tail diameter 21mm;

Light source: 9 LEDs

Wavelength: 395NM

Power supply: use 3 AAA batteries as the driving power supply (battery free products)

Product weight: 50g

Lighting time: 2-5 hours

Working voltage: 4.5V

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