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Stainless steel aquarium plant tools Tank cleaning tweezers Aquarium scissors Aquarium cleaning tools

Stainless steel aquarium plant tools Tank cleaning tweezers Aquarium scissors Aquarium cleaning tools

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Brand Name: fishheat


Material: Stainless Steel

Type: fish

Product name: Aquatic plant tools

Product material: Stainless steel

Product size: As shown

Product Feature: stainless steel aquarium

Product Feature 1: aquarium scissors

Product Feature 2: Aquarium tools

Product Feature 3: scissors for aquarium

Product Feature 4: aquarium tweezers

Product Feature 5: tweezers for aquarium

Product Feature 6: aquarium cleaner

Product Feature 7: aquarium

Product Feature 8: aquarium accessories

Product Feature 9: For aquarium

Product Feature 10: fish tank accessories

Product Feature 11: aquarium accessories

Stainless Steel Aquatic Plants tools tweezers for aquarium Fish Tank Aquascaping Tools Aquarium tools scissors cleaning tools

Product Features:

1.Stainless steel material,it has special properties such as not easy to rust, acid resistance, 
heat resistance, non-skinning, non-magnetic, etc.

2.Reasonable design,the aquatic tweezers have a labor-saving design and match the hand curve, which makes the operation 
more comfortable and easy.
3. The delicate clip and very fine end design is perfect for planning tiny water plants.

4. Allows manipulating with precision and delicacy even with the smallest and most delicate water plants   
5. Special design for planting aquatic plants in difficult area.

Suitable for cutting fish tank plants.

Product Usage:

A: Algae removal
B:Suitable for trimming backgrass
C:Moving the middle grass
D:Root plant intensive planting
E:Foreground/Plant Grass
F:Moving foreground grass
G:Hold the item firmly

Warm tips:

1. Please clean the product with detergent and wipe dry when it is used for the first time.
2. Avoid deformation caused by collision or strong impact, which will affect the appearance.
3. Please clean it after use, and then put it in a cool place to dry.
4.The blade is sharp. Be careful when using to avoid direct damage to the skin. Keep it out of the reach of children.

After each use, please wash and dry thoroughly with a sponge 

or soft cloth to keep the stainless steel clean and hygienic. If it is not 

thoroughly cleaned, a white film (minerals in water and starch in food) 

will appear on the surface of stainless steel, and it will also need to be scrubbed 
with lemon juice or white vinegar.

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