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Silicone Baking Cake Mould

Silicone Baking Cake Mould

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Product Information:
Brand: simois
Product Category: Cake Mould
Shape: semicircle
Material: Silicone
Item No.: Semicircle Mould
Packing specification: OPP bag
Price range: less than 5 yuan
Purpose: Silicone Cake Mould
Specifications: 6-6 with small semicircle cake mold, 6-6 with large semicircle, 5 5 with large semicircle, 15 with small semicircle, 24 with small semicircle
Style: modern and simple
Product specifications: as shown in the figure
Color: purple, brick red, random color
Product Name: Semicircle Mould

Style : A: 6 with large semi-circle, B: 5 with large semi-circle, C: 15 with small semi-circle, D: 24 with small semi-circle


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