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Leather Sewing Awl Thread Repair Tool

Leather Sewing Awl Thread Repair Tool

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Material: Wood + Stainless steel

Model Number: SUP-00962-SUP-00965

Set Type: YES

color: As shown

Product name:: Product name: leather hand stitcher

Model:: sewing awl

keyword1: Leather Craft

keyword2: Sewing Stitcher

keyword3: waxed thread

keyword4: wooden handle

keyword5: handmade tools

keyword6: speedy stitcher

keyword7: leather sewing repair tools


1. Optimized material, fine workmanship, and durable
2. The solid wood handle has a smooth lacquer and a comfortable grip
3. The hardness of the diamond chop is super high, and it is not easy to break
4. Complete specifications to meet your different needs
5. Wax thread is waterproof and wear-resistant and has a long service life


Package 1:
1*Brown hand sewing device
Package 2:
1*Log color hand sewing machine
Package 3:
1*Brown hand sewing device+awl+3*wax thread+4mm diamond chop (1+2-4+6 teeth each)
Package 4:
1*Log color hand sewing machine+1*awl+3*wax thread+4mm diamond chop (1+2-4+6 teeth each)




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