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Foot Massager Mat

Foot Massager Mat

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 Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Application: Foot

product name: EMS foot massage cushion

Size: 32*29cm

Mode: 6 Modes: Mode: 6 Modes

Intensity: 9 Levels intensity: Intensity: 9 Levels intensity

Battery: 2 AAA batteries: Battery: 2 AAA batteries

colour: black: colour: black

Function 1: hydromassage foot

Function 2: foot spa

Function 3: foot care product

Function 4: salud

Function 5: foot washer

Function 6: professional pressotherapy

Function 7: nuga best

Function 8: japanese massage

Function 9: masajeador de pies

Function 10: massage legs

Function 11: circulation massager

Function 12: massageador

Function 13: massage feet

Function 14: footy massager carpet

Function 15: hydromassager for feet

Function 16: massage roll

Function 17: eletric muscle stimulator

Function 18: electric foot grater

Function 19: acupuncture slippers

Function 20: foot care

Function 21: foot care tool

Function 22: leg massager

Function 23: massage slippers

Function 24: EMS intelligent foot massager


According to the Ancient Chinese medicine :
the body's internal organs have projection at the foot . There are more than sixty points below the human ankle, often massage the feet as moxa moxibustion these points, can promote the human blood run, up and down through, balance yin and yang, expansion of blood vessels, warm organs. Thus play a role in disease prevention and treatment of self-care.

Fast-spaced life ,seriouly affect our health .we need to learn to relax ourself .The massage cushion is a good choice.
It portable,easy to use.Let's start from the foot.

Promotes blood circulation and relaxes the feet.
Soft and comfortable yoga mat material foot pad.
Skin-friendly silver ion circuit printing.
Separate main unit, the floor mat can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
The foot mat is made of soft flexible PU material, and its durability is outstanding. And because it uses high quality conductive material, the foot mat is foldable and portable.

Who Need To Use?
1.Middle-age and old people.
2.Those prople sitting to work and study for a long time.

Because of the special requirment of their work or study,they need to work in the same pose for a long time with little movement.All these would make them wasy to nervous in mind,have bad memory. By using healthy foot -massage mat,the above diseases can be removed or lighten greatly,you can have better healthy effect if you can insist in using for a long period.




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