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1:1 Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit High Gloss & Bubbles Free

1:1 Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Kit High Gloss & Bubbles Free

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 Brand Name: SMI Fine

 Material: Silicone

Item Type: Jewelry Findings

Item Weight: 1000g

Product Features: Easy Mix 1:1 Ratio

Model Number: ER--003

Item: 1:1 Epoxy Resin Kit

Weight: 100g/200g/400g/600g

Feature 1: Crystal clear,Self level

Feature 2: Hard as a rock,No bubble

Feature 3: Wide use,No toxic

Weight ratio: 1:1

Usage: For Epoxy Jewelry making DIY

Product Name: resina epoxy para manualidades

resina: resine epoxy

Package includes: 1:1 AB Epoxy Glue & Epoxy Resin Accessories

 Precautions (please read carefully before use):

1: Resin glue curing speed is related to volume size and temperature, the thicker the adhesive layer, the faster the curing, the higher the temperature, the faster the curing.Therefore, the more mixing, the shorter the operating time, the larger the size of the seal will be, the slower the reverse.

2: Resin and curing agent reaction will be hot, the thicker the glue layer will produce more heat, heat assembly has bubbles produced, so the matching glue to be used quickly, brush thin will solidify slowly.

3: A,B two groups should be strictly proportional weighing, B components too much or too little will affect the performance of the curing; A, B two components mixed, must stir evenly, stirring uneven will cause part of the curing, part of the non-curing condition. If you are a beginner, please use an electronic scale to easily confirm the ratio of A glue to B glue.

4: Glue in the curing process, curing agent will suck tide, when the air humidity is large, after curing the surface will have a layer of oily feeling, so the curing process to keep dry, do not solidify in the humidity of the environment, when the oil is produced, you can dry the surface, and then sandpaper grinding.

5: When the temperature is low, the A part will have crystallization phenomenon, such as the production of granular rubber slag or completely frozen, when the use of a glue can be heated, the temperature will be open, after the opening can be used normally, does not affect the performance.

6: Use is careful not to touch the skin, contact with the skin sometimes there will be allergic phenomenon produced! Please wear disposable gloves during the DIY crafts making process.


Super Easy to Mix and Apply

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin+ Crystal Clear Epoxy hardener, mix 1:1 ratio easily and smoothly, cures crystal clear and set hard as a rock, Perfectly formulated to be mixed with the color of your choice for VIVID, stunning results

Various Resin Accessories

Comes with 2 pcs Measuring Cups-100ml +30ml/5 pcs wood Sticks/2 pcs Rubber Gloves/ 5pcs Droppers/10pcs finger covers/10pcs disposable cups

High Gloss Durable Finish

Self leveling, and self degassing, let you create a perfectly transparent finish; Water-like quality is very fewer bubbles compared to others, naturally de-foaming with no ripples for a solid glass-like project

Safe for Confident Use

Specifically formulated for artists with low odor, non-toxic and low fumes, resistant to yellowing from UV exposure, keeps your beautiful artwork and color stable and long lasting

Your Affordable Choice

Ideal for all Casting, Coating and Art Projects including Cutting Boards, Coasters, Countertops, Bartop, Resin Art, Resin Jewelry, Coating Artwork and Acrylic Pour Paintings, Geode Paintings, Molds, River Tables



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